Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Twins

My youngest brother and sister are twins.  She is 5 minutes older and for years lorded that fact over our brother.  Now, not so much.  They are in their mid-forties now and she doesn't want to be older anymore.  So many stories here to tell.  I only lived at home for their first 12 years, so some of the memories are from after I was married.

One memory that stands out is chicken pox.  I got it over Christmas break in 2nd grade.  Just younger brother got it two weeks later and the twins got it two weeks after that at age 6 months or so.  I was able to go back to school on time which was probably a great relief to my mother who dealt with chicken pox for 6 weeks!  I remember the itching, the baking soda baths, calamine lotion, and the fact that the twins got it so young.

Both brothers seemed to disappear after supper when it was their turn to do dishes.  If I remember correctly, one girl and one boy did the dishes every other night.  My sister and I both ended up doing the majority of the chore as both brothers needed the bathroom at the exact moment they were to help us with the dishes.  Boys....

Another memory is of twin brother and eye surgery.  My husband and I were in California, he on recruiting duty for the Army when Mother called to say he was to have eye surgery.  One of his eyes wandered because the muscle needed reattaching.  It may have been both eyes, that part I can't remember but I remember praying that he would come through it all right and that it would correct the problem.  One of his grade school pictures shows just how bad it had gotten.  It was indeed a success.  Amazing what a simple surgery can do!

Dr. Pepper wars!  When I would come home to visit and when we got out of the Army and lived with the folks for 6 weeks or so, I learned of the Dr. Pepper hoopla.  It seems that Dr. Pepper was purchased for the twins on a weekly basis.  They each were allowed so many but apparently brother took sister's when his ration ran out.  For all I know, she did the same to him.  It got to the fighting stage so someone, not sure who started it, would mark their initials on all the DP cans they were allowed for the week.  So all cans had either his or her initials.  Problem was, brother would still take sister's initialed cans.  This caused yelling and hollering at each other and denial, denial, denial on the part of the accused.  I suppose some of this may be exaggerated as I don't remember all the details.  Just know that occasionally at a family get together the Dr. Pepper wars are mentioned.

More tomorrow on Saturday morning Nerf ball and Christmas eve!

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  1. Very accurate! Although i never drank more than my fair share.....and I started the initialing of the cans.....I still get a little upset when I think of the injustice of someone taking more than their fair share....the nerve!!