Friday, October 7, 2011

One More thing about Flip Flops

They used to be called thongs.  A story I have been told by my parents was about a pair of thongs.  I must have been very small as I cannot recall this on my own.  They had bought me a new pair and apparently I loved them.  I wore them all day and that night I insisted on wearing them to bed.  As I would fall asleep, my feet would relax, and they slipped off.  I woke each time and cried until they were put back on my feet.  What patient parents I have!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Flip Flops

Flip flops are on my mind.  I have an orange pair of rubbery flip flops that I wear around the house.  Have had them going on three years and they are in pretty good shape.  That, of course, is a matter of opinion.  But, hey, they match my swimsuit.  This past week I bought a leather pair for $52!

Why?, you ask, would I purchase such an expensive pair?  Well, this past summer, and maybe even before that, my eldest son, John, said I needed new ones.  Mind you, he cares not that they are in pretty good shape.  He thinks the orange is too much.  Too much what, I don't know.

So, a year or so ago, my daughter and I were at Target shopping.  She needed shoes and found a pair.  I was admiring the leather flip flops and she saw and bought them for me.  I thought, great!  New flip flops and leather to boot!  So, this pair in my mind should serve to hush John.  He has seen me wear them and he approves but, I don't.  They are heavy, too heavy to wear comfortably.  I feel like they are dragging me down.

Back to my children and their flip flop advice.  Grant is no help as he wears the rubbery kind until there are holes, then he buys the exact same kind again.  Jen is a flip flop guru of sorts just like John and she's a girl of the female persuasion like me so that is actually helpful.  But I digress.  She tells me of a brand that is leather and at the flip flop shop at the mall.  John has also been touting the leather.  Alas!  They are expensive, $52 expensive.  So, I linger in my orange rubbery pair a while longer.  John sees me in them and I am chastised again.  I promise I don't wear them outside of my home any longer and he shakes his head in dismay.

Last week I am in Dallas for a conference with my BFF, Jill.  The hotel we are staying at is inside the Galleria mall.  We decide after dinner one night, in the mall, that we will shop.  I had spied the Flip Flop Shop (actual name of the store) that morning and thought I might as well take a gander at those expensive leather ones again.  With Jill at my side, maybe I would be brave enough to actually make the purchase.  The rest is history.  I purchased them and am trying to break them in.

They are lighter and will eventually conform to my feet or so I am told.  Ater the flip flop purchase we head over to Jill's passion, Teavana, a tea store extraordinaire.  She has $100 worth of tea to prove it.