Thursday, June 25, 2009


Thing 12 is Twitter. I have created my account and checked it a couple of times, but I know of no one on there. So, I am following a couple of favorite celebrities. Not sure how much I will be using Twitter. To me, it is all about following friends where friends are, and so far my friends are not here.

Monday, June 15, 2009

More About the Storms

Mom and Dad got the worst of the storms. When they got up during the storm, they stepped into wetness in their bedroom. The water came in under the tub and the back door, so they had water about five feet into the den and almost the entire master bed and bathrooms were flooded. I later learned Euless got about 6.10" of rainfall Thursday, June 11th.

They own a shop-vac but without power, that did them no good. So, the towels went down, wrung them out, and put them down again. After the initial soaking up with a dry towel, the wrung out towel spreading became futile.

When the power came back Friday afternoon, Mom immediately started washing and drying the towels. Then the washer died. Then the kitchen sink stopped up.

Dad's late cousin, Joan, has a daughter whose husband is a plumber. Dad called them and he came over Saturday to repair the sink problem. He was able to use a tool to check power to the washer's electrical outlet and found that it was not getting power. Dad found the tripped breaker and the washer was back in business. Our cousin finished the sink repair yesterday.

As I said, they had the worst of the week! Hopefully, their household will return to normal very soon.


Should have been posting before now! Whoops! Sorry guys, but this was not on my priority list. This past week was a bit crazy busy. Let's hit the highlights from my family's point of view. On Thursday, June 4th, I arrived at John's to babysit Ryan, Friday, June 5th, John and Bree left for San Marcos, Jen left for Camp Longhorn on Saturday, June 6th. Then on Sunday, the 7th, I brought Ryan to Keller to his other grandmother.

Then, last week, Gene left Tuesday for Houston on business. Wednesday night severe thunderstorms hit the metroplex. Thursday morning, Grant and I left for work about 6:50 a.m. and by 8:30 a.m. more severe thunderstorms cut off the power at home and at Mom and Dad's house. At the library, the storms kept causing our fire alarms to go off, happened at least 4 times that I know of. I went in Gene's place to a children's camp dinner and meeting that night, still no power. Friday morning, still no power, Gene arrives home and we meet for lunch. He then heads to church and I head back to work. Still no power, we make hotel reservations for the entire weekend as Oncor says it might be Sunday evening before all are restored.

Mom and Dad, in the meantime, have their power out, house flooded, and so they went to Lanna's on Friday to deliver garage sale items. About 3:30 or so on Friday they have been back home for about 20 minutes and I get a call at work, the lights are on!! We have power. Grant has left on errands so before we cancel hotel reservations, Gene heads home to verify. We do indeed also have power, cancel reservations, etc.

Our food is pretty much ruined. We cannot replace it until later cause all day Saturday we were at church decorating for VBS. Actually building and painting huge stage props. All day turned out to be 8 a.m. to 9:30 p.m.! VBS began last night and continues through this week. So - Gene and I will work 7-4, then head out to VBS from 6-9, yikes! Last night was the first night and we arrived home at 10! Whew!

Maybe after this week, we can breathe again!

Thing 11

Instant messaging is Thing 11. Our city blocks anything and everything for instant messaging, both for staff and public computing. I don't blame them at all because (admittedly, a few years ago) when my daughter had an IM account with AOL, she was constantly getting viruses on her computer. We banned her from using it after re-installing the operating system four or five times.

So, if I decide to try instant messaging, it will have to be at home on my personal laptop. And until I find evidence of it being safer now than it was before, not sure I will compromise security on my laptop.

Last but not least is the usefulness for my library. We are unable to use it and the patrons are unable to use it, and honestly I don't know how popular it is anymore. I usually follow what my kids are doing to find out what is "in", and they are no longer IMing.

Thing 10

Thing 10 is Ning. Our instructions were posted two weeks ago, so I went in, searched on cats, then created an account. I am behind on blogging, obviously. I then joined the group I found while searching on cats. I read a few posts and will enjoy the group, but since none of my friends or co-workers are on this particular site, it will not be where I am online. I can see myself going there for advice if my cats run into trouble, but not for anything else.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Farm Town on Facebook

Farm Town is not a part of North Texas 23, however, since it is a part of Facebook I thought I would share a bit. As I mentioned yesterday, one thing you can place in your profile is your employer. I had done that not realizing there are co-workers here on FB. So, we invited each other to be friends and we all confirmed back and forth. There are several of us now and one day I was invited to accept a gift, a chicken (if I recall), and I did accept. Doing so, and allowing the application, put me in Farm Town. You give yourself a name and name your farm. From there, you can plow, plant, and harvest crops. You have a little avatar that moves around your farm, and it is fully customizable. As you gain farming experience, more and more items become available to you to buy for your farm. You earn coins by selling your harvested crops.

All that to say that there are many little applications like it on FB. There is one called Yoville and a new one just came along with a restaurant theme. They all keep you connected with friends and I will admit to being a Farm Town addict.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

More Facebook is Thing 9

Once you create the Facebook account, you are to find friends and I have done that. The way I find friends is go to my high school graduating class's name and look at the people there. When I first got on FB, there were only about 10 of us listed in my graduating class. Now there are 12 pages full of classmates. I also may think of someone that I have not seen for a while and I just use the search box for that by typing in their name. Part of your profile is your network and that becomes searchable if you want to be found. The good thing is you can privatize just about anything on FB. If you don't want your relationship status out there, for example, just don't fill in that part. It will not appear on your profile. Anything not filled in will not be visible.

Next, add content for your friends to see and I have done that. Take some time to fill out your profile. The more that is there, the more interesting it is for your friends to know what you are doing now. For me, this is a way to find and connect with old friends. Put in your current employer, high school graduating class, and military information. That makes it easier for people to find you, and again, what you don't put in will not be visible. Pictures are great! Have some of your family, that is always interesting.

At first I enjoyed putting my status up for all to see but then when my husband and I went on an out of state vacation last year, I realized posting where I was might invite trouble at the empty house we left behind. So, be discreet. I have had friends post what they were doing every 5 minutes and that gets annoying. I post a lot of things in past tense, especially vacation stuff or outings.

Next, we are challenged to find an organization and become a fan. Also, to find groups or create a group of our own. I have done both and find it interesting to see who is a fan of what.

You can pretty much get caught up in Facebook looking for friends, taking quiz challenges, and playing games. It is a lot of fun and can be addictive.

Thing 8

Facebook is Thing 8 and I cannot get to it at work from my staff computer. I can get to it from a public access computer but here's the thing; I already have a Facebook account. Originally created to "monitor" my 26, 24, and 22 year old children. Ok - adult children, but they are still my children. I digress...

I really enjoy Facebook. My favorite thing to do on FB is look at my nearly 6 month old first grandson's pictures that his parents post as they live 3 hours away. Next is looking at all the funny stuff my kids say about the pictures they and their friends post. Last but not least at all, is Farm Town. Farm Town will have to be a post unto itself.