Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Four of Us Memories

The four of us had a lot of good times growing up.  One thing we did was play Nerf ball on Saturday mornings.  Girls against boys, of course.  We threw a Nerf ball at each other, sisters trying to hit brothers and brothers trying to hit sisters.  The thing was we ran all over the house throwing this spongey orange ball at each other.  Jumping on and off the beds, and running, lots of running.  Don't remember how long it lasted but we laughed and played and had a great time.

Another thing the four of us did was spend Christmas eve in the same bedroom, my bedroom.  Sister and I got the bed.  Brothers got the floor with sleeping bags.  I think one year they argued and argued and got the bed that one time.  Sibs will have to verify that.  Anyway, it pretty much turned into a giggle fest.  We talked of bodily sounds a lot and the brothers could produce the sounds on command.  We would talk of incidents at school and family gatherings where the bodily sounds were particularly funny.  We would talk late into the night and giggle.  Dad would occasionally have to come in and tell us to get quiet.  Those are good memories!

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  1. Nerf ball was never ended. You would forget whose turn it was and then BAM! you'd get pummeled (as much as you could get pummeled by a soft orange sponge) by a nerf ball! Drove mom crazy, we loved it!

    Christmas Eves were the best!!!