Monday, January 17, 2011


My husband is well, many things to many people.  He has been a bivocational minister in the Baptist church for many years, meaning he is a part-time minister with a full-time job.

He has worked as a youth minister, education minister, and children's minister.  He has worked in the inner city, rural community, and the suburbs.  Only one church has been near where we live.

Due to full-time job responisbilities, he just resigned as children's minister at his most recent ministry job.  It was a most difficult decision for him.  The children boo-hooed and so did he.

That's the latest stuff.  Here's the early stuff.  We met at college and dated for about four months, then we got engaged and married eight months later.  He returned to the military after we had been married about six months.  He stayed in for four years and then we moved back home. 

At some point, he felt called to ministry and attended seminary.  He has two Masters in Christian Education and is a doctoral candidate.  He will try to finish that now that he will have a bit more time.

I think he is looking forward to our empty nest as much as I am, though he wishes sometimes that the kids were little again so he could hold them in his lap.  I told him that is what grandkids are for!  And, hopefully, there will be more of those sooner rather than later.

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