Tuesday, June 2, 2009

More Facebook is Thing 9

Once you create the Facebook account, you are to find friends and I have done that. The way I find friends is go to my high school graduating class's name and look at the people there. When I first got on FB, there were only about 10 of us listed in my graduating class. Now there are 12 pages full of classmates. I also may think of someone that I have not seen for a while and I just use the search box for that by typing in their name. Part of your profile is your network and that becomes searchable if you want to be found. The good thing is you can privatize just about anything on FB. If you don't want your relationship status out there, for example, just don't fill in that part. It will not appear on your profile. Anything not filled in will not be visible.

Next, add content for your friends to see and I have done that. Take some time to fill out your profile. The more that is there, the more interesting it is for your friends to know what you are doing now. For me, this is a way to find and connect with old friends. Put in your current employer, high school graduating class, and military information. That makes it easier for people to find you, and again, what you don't put in will not be visible. Pictures are great! Have some of your family, that is always interesting.

At first I enjoyed putting my status up for all to see but then when my husband and I went on an out of state vacation last year, I realized posting where I was might invite trouble at the empty house we left behind. So, be discreet. I have had friends post what they were doing every 5 minutes and that gets annoying. I post a lot of things in past tense, especially vacation stuff or outings.

Next, we are challenged to find an organization and become a fan. Also, to find groups or create a group of our own. I have done both and find it interesting to see who is a fan of what.

You can pretty much get caught up in Facebook looking for friends, taking quiz challenges, and playing games. It is a lot of fun and can be addictive.


  1. Since the CIA monitors Facebook and other social sites realize these details are being used by others as you suggest...

  2. Absolutely! I am constantly telling my adult children to be keenly aware of what they post as current and future employers may also be watching. This is a whole new thing for all of us, being able to announce just about anything instantly to potentially millions of people worldwide. Always discreet is a good way to go!