Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Farm Town on Facebook

Farm Town is not a part of North Texas 23, however, since it is a part of Facebook I thought I would share a bit. As I mentioned yesterday, one thing you can place in your profile is your employer. I had done that not realizing there are co-workers here on FB. So, we invited each other to be friends and we all confirmed back and forth. There are several of us now and one day I was invited to accept a gift, a chicken (if I recall), and I did accept. Doing so, and allowing the application, put me in Farm Town. You give yourself a name and name your farm. From there, you can plow, plant, and harvest crops. You have a little avatar that moves around your farm, and it is fully customizable. As you gain farming experience, more and more items become available to you to buy for your farm. You earn coins by selling your harvested crops.

All that to say that there are many little applications like it on FB. There is one called Yoville and a new one just came along with a restaurant theme. They all keep you connected with friends and I will admit to being a Farm Town addict.

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  1. My niece is into Webkins which goes along the same lines, but requires stuffed animal purchases to change your avatars... Perfect World is a free online massive multiple player game that is free, but allows you to get tools or upgrades faster by spending real dollars... There are many markets here... get addicted and then the twists may pop up six months from now if you want to raise a giant beanstalk to climb to more fertile ground :)