Monday, June 15, 2009

More About the Storms

Mom and Dad got the worst of the storms. When they got up during the storm, they stepped into wetness in their bedroom. The water came in under the tub and the back door, so they had water about five feet into the den and almost the entire master bed and bathrooms were flooded. I later learned Euless got about 6.10" of rainfall Thursday, June 11th.

They own a shop-vac but without power, that did them no good. So, the towels went down, wrung them out, and put them down again. After the initial soaking up with a dry towel, the wrung out towel spreading became futile.

When the power came back Friday afternoon, Mom immediately started washing and drying the towels. Then the washer died. Then the kitchen sink stopped up.

Dad's late cousin, Joan, has a daughter whose husband is a plumber. Dad called them and he came over Saturday to repair the sink problem. He was able to use a tool to check power to the washer's electrical outlet and found that it was not getting power. Dad found the tripped breaker and the washer was back in business. Our cousin finished the sink repair yesterday.

As I said, they had the worst of the week! Hopefully, their household will return to normal very soon.

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