Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Thing 5

It is the middle of the week now and I am almost caught up on my 23 things. The last thing I will do for the week is Thing 5 also known as Image Generators. I have looked at how to do it but being more technologically oriented and not creative at all, this is a bit harder for me. After much trying and re-trying I came up with a photo and caption using ImageChef. Here is my effort!

I noticed I can share this on my Facebook. All along, I am thinking about how our library can use this kind of "thing". We have bounced around the idea of having a Facebook account for our library, so with that kind of easy upload feature my thoughts are of posting all the pictures we take at programs and using this as a fun way to add captions, thoughts, and future advertising! As I mentioned, I am not creative so if I can do this there are many talented folks here that could put together a nice bit of information about our library. The possibilities stretch my mind in a completely new direction.


  1. If you post for the library be certain to get releases to avoid liability. Keep them on file some place to be certain it does not come back to haunt you years from now...

  2. Agreed, we have not ventured there yet and may not for a long while.