Monday, May 18, 2009

Thing 3

Alright, so I was reading my May issue of PC Magazine via Zinio Reader this morning. The issue is titled, "How to Share Everything". Soon I happened upon an article about how to share photos. Personally, I share them on Facebook. But I trudged on through the article about Flickr. Mind you, I have a Flickr account... problem is I only had one photo posted. Sharing only photos and not other things has not yet appealed to me. I am an all-in-one kind of gal.

However, I have a long lost best friend that I re-found a few years ago and she does use Flickr to post pictures and does not, will not get on Facebook. So, I continued reading. Lo and behold there was a section on the iPhone and a mobile app for that no less! I had not enjoyed posting to Flickr because I share a digital camera with hubby, take most of my pictures with my iPhone, and honestly find it a pain to upload pictures by hooking up a cable to my laptop.

Make it easy for me and I will try anything! So, I uploaded all my grandson's pictures for long-lost best friend via the app on my iPhone. Logged on to Flickr, did a little organizing and then remembered North Texas 23 had something coming up with Flickr, but could not remember which "thing" it was to be.

What luck! Thing 3 is Flickr! I used Choice 2 and really enjoyed it. I even added my cats and Vegas trip. Enjoy my photostream:

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  1. I'll get an iPhone or clone some day... Glad you had fun!