Tuesday, August 4, 2009


YouTube is not allowed here in the library from staff computers so I had to get on a laptop on our wireless network. I watched five videos. The first was from Berkeley Public Library. It was comical but informative about the library's services but was created to promote fine amnesty for patrons during February last year.

The second was Steilacoom Library in Pierce County, Washington. I found this one to be interesting since I lived there for a year back when Mt. St. Helens blew! This one was strictly a brief history lesson on the library, the first in Washington. Columbus, Nebraska's public library created a very well done video with a child as the star along with pop-ups. He told of the services offered at his library. St. Joseph County Public Library did a staff day in 2003. Lasting about 7 minutes, it fast forwarded through the library day focusing on staff. It was set to music, no spoken word on this one.

By this time, I found that a lot of library produced videos are of poor audio quality and are very slow to load. I searched on library event and found a promotional video for Yan Can Cook at Monterey Library. Yan was going to be doing a show at the convention center, however, all ticket proceeds were to go to the library for purchasing books. Tickets could be purchased at the circulation desk at the library. This one was strictly informational about the event.

I think a library could promote programs and events with YouTube. I think there could be a way to introduce staff and services to the public. What about a tour of the library? Show patrons the procedure for obtaining a library card and where to return materials. You would be surpised how many patrons cannot find the book drops. Maybe you would not be surprised... There are a lot of things you could promote and a variety of ways to do it. I think we have enough creative talent here to do it! Now we just need a video camera!

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