Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Last Post for North Texas 23

This challenge was enjoyable. I enjoyed learning about "things" I had never tried before. My favorite thing has to be Facebook. It is an enjoyable way to share pictures of my loved ones with family and friends, to reconnect with old friends, and play a game or two. For use at home, this is my most visited site. My least favorite thing was image generators, and truthfully, it is because I could not do it well. I had trouble with it and don't enjoy a struggle with technology. For work, I learned that I don't have to visit all the blogs and newspapers I follow one site at a time! I now use Google Reader to access all of my subscriptions, one stop shopping so to speak. For me, this was the most useful "thing". This challenge has changed my daily routine somewhat, for the better.

I hope to be able to challenge my coworkers with my new knowledge. I also hope that if new "things" pop up on the horizon, I will not be afraid to check them out!

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