Monday, August 3, 2009

Google Docs

I was already familiar with Google docs as an invitee. Our ILS enhancement process brought us together with some other Texas libraries and we coordinated our submissions and voting together on a Google docs spreadsheet. It was very cool!

Now, I see how the spreadsheet writer invited the rest of us to work on the spreadsheet. I love the different formats in which you can save a document. I also uploaded an existing Excel spreadsheet to see what that looked like. It was not much different to my eyes. The upload went smoothly and I could navigate it as I could in Excel.

Presentations were different. I am not super familiar with Power Point but I tried to create a presentation with Google docs. So, not sure how much is different and how much is the same between the two programs, but I could never get my presentation to save so I was unable to watch the presentation. I am fairly certain the user was at fault here. I may visit again and try to figure out what I missed.

I think this is a very useful tool in the library world. It has already helped my library connect with other libraries in a joint effort. Thing 19 is complete!

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