Thursday, July 9, 2009


Thing 14? I think. I think I will like this site a lot. I can see the benefit of being able to pull up my bookmarks from any computer. My husband has wanted something like this for a while. It is frustrating to be on the road and not be able to find a site you need. Last year, for example, we were on vacation and realized we had not paid an important bill before we left and it would come due while we were gone. We brought my laptop on the trip but the bookmark was on the desktop in the home office. We ended up calling the company and paying by phone, not a big deal but had we known we could save our bookmarks via Delicious, life would have been simpler that day.

I did go through all steps to add buttons and import my bookmarks. Very easy to do, seems easy to navigate. I have not explored tagging my bookmarks yet but may get to that soon.

My page is here:

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