Friday, September 16, 2011

September and Laundry

Finally, it is September in North Texas!  We have had 70 days of 3 digit temps here this year.  The record was 68 days and we broke it earlier this week.  I think it was about 64 this morning.  It is now 84 this afternoon.

The newlyweds were home last weekend.  They brought all their laundry.  Some things never change.  Kids doing their laundry at our house has been the norm around here until these two got married and moved away.  One weekend back and laundry was moving and grooving all day Saturday.

Our poor old washer broke down about 3 weeks before.  The repairs cost more than a new washer, so the new washer was broken in last Saturday by the all day washing marathon the newlyweds put it through.  Amazing to me it was.  Three very full baskets of dirty clothes arrived and three baskets full of neatly folded clothing, towels, etc. left Monday morning headed back to Little Rock.

Well, we enjoyed them muchly.  We owed them a little money from wedding deposits they had made on our behalf so we purchased a washer/dryer set for them this week.  It arrives Monday next week.  They will probably not need to bring home their laundry any longer.  Another thing that ends when you have an empty nest.

I must say that my laundry can be done now in half a Saturday.  Between hubby working at home and 2 kids gone within the last year and a half, it has been a breeze to complete the laundry so much more quickly.  And yes, while they lived here I did their laundry.  Oh, they did their own as well, but hey if I was doing mine, why not pitch in and do theirs too?  It's what us mothers do.  Getting laundry done must be therapeutic for me.  It feels really great to get it all done for the week ahead.

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