Friday, July 29, 2011

One Week Done

Well, not really.  The newlyweds have only been gone for two days.  But the week before that they were on their honeymoon, so it feels like one week is complete.  They are settling in nicely.  I got three texts this morning with pictures of the apartment.  They have done a really nice job decorating.  Purchased a couch this morning.  Coffee table and end tables are on the schedule for tonight.

They live in northwest Little Rock.  On the third floor, their choice. To eliminate noise overhead from upstair neighbors.  So I asked if the couch was delivered.  It was not.  They had a "little workout".  But as my mother said, "they're young."

Jen was interviewed yesterday afternoon for an outpatient clinic job at Arkansas Children's Hospital.  She felt really good about how it went.  She is in the running as one of the top three candidates for the job.  Prayers for all that to go as God intends.  Kyle begins his August rotation on Sunday.  Praying that goes well for him.

On the homefront, I am doing fine so far.  Dad is not so good.  A little emotional about the baby girl being married off especially since she is not nearby.  However, he is in no way unhappy about her choices.  Kyle was meant for Jen and Jen was meant for Kyle.  God has seen to it that they found each other in His time.  It has been great to see.  Looking forward to seeing them grow as a couple, a new family.

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