Wednesday, February 16, 2011

1963-the Year I Turned 5

After the move in June of '63, I don't remember much until the weekend of my 5th birthday.  My birthday is November 24th.  So, now you know how old I am!  Anyway, the TV was on 24/7 because John F. Kennedy was shot on Friday the 22nd.  I just remember it being very somber around the house, but I was going to be 5!

Daddy worked in downtown Dallas and had seen the presidential motorcade from  a downtown street corner, probably near Pearl or Elm street.  He says, "We were given permission to leave the office in order to see better.  I remember seeing the backs of their heads as they went by ( Connally & Kennedy)."  He did not see the assassination.  Momma had the television on that day and I just remember her continuing to do the laundry but not saying much at all.  There are pictures of my birthday party but I really don't remember much about it. 

The day of the funeral for the slain president was another solemn day and one of television being on all day.  I don't know what day it was.

Mother tells me that I thought when I turned five, I would have arrived!  I would say that I can do this or that when I'm five.  When she told me no to a request, my response was that I could when I'm five.

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